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De Profundis 

The story so far... 

Over the course of a career spanning almost two decades, DE PROFUNDIS have grown and developed at a prodigious rate. Over each album their music has blossomed into ever more imaginative and challenging forms, reaching out in a multitude of diverse directions, leaving limiting genre definitions and regulations shattered in their wake with their inimitable take on Death Metal.

From their humble beginnings in London in 2007 with their dark, brooding debut “Beyond Redemption”, the band have carved out a formidable resume both in the studio and on the stage, taking their brand of extremity as far afield as India, touring internationally with iconic names such as Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Necrophagia and Rotting Christ.

In May 2018 the band pushed these extremities once again, releasing their fifth album “The Blinding Light of Faith” through Transcending Obscurity Records. The album, with its brutal depictions of the horrors committed in the name of the Abrahamic religions, received an overwhelmingly positive reception from both listeners and press alike, appearing in album of the year lists in publications such as Angry Metal Guy, Zero Tolerance, Moshville Times and Dutch Metal Maniac. Metal Hammer Magazine's description of the album as “A British Death Metal milestone” made it clear: The Blinding Light of Faith was the band's magnum opus.

Over the next 12 months the band gigged extensively in support of the album, with several European tours alongside bands such as Belphegor, Terrorizer, Skeletal Remains, Melechesh and Vltimas as well as a triumphant homecoming show at Bloodstock Open Air 2018. Beyond the stage, De Profundis also worked on a series of visual realisations of select tracks from the album with Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art.

De Profundis started working on the follow up to ’The Blinding Light of Faith’ in 2019, and recorded their 6th album in the middle of the pandemic. So finally in 2022 De Profundis is back with a brand new slab of death metal with their new album entitled ‘The Corruption of Virtue’ to be released once again on Transcending Obscurity, with a new line up and ready to usher more devastation.

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