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Terrorizer -  2019

Belphegor - 2018
UK Headlining - 2018 

I am Morbid - 2017 

Gorgoroth - 2015 

Malevolent Creation - 2014 
UK Headlining - 2013
Endstille - 2013 

Marduk/Immolation - 2012

Rotting Christ - 2011 

Ragnarok - 2010

FESTIVALS (Selection)

Bloodstock Open Air (2008, 2014, 2018) 
Incineration (2014, 2016, 2023) 
Uprising (2018)

Rock Harz (2012) 

Hordes of Belial (2013, 2016)
Great Indian Octoberfest (2010)

Rock in India /Supporting Iron Maiden (2009)




Origins: London
Genre: Death Metal 

Line up 
Craig Land - Vocals 
Shoi Sen - Guitars
Paul Nazarkardeh - Guitars
Tom Atherton - Drums 
Steve Woodcock - Bass

The story so far... 

Over the course of a career spanning almost two decades, DE PROFUNDIS have never stopped honing their inimitable brand of death metal. In the course of 6 full length albums their music has evolved into ever more imaginative and challenging forms, reaching out in a multitude of diverse directions, leaving limiting genre definitions and regulations shattered in their wake.

From their dark, brooding 2007 debut “Beyond Redemption”, the band would experiment and formulate their sound, culminating in their 2018 album The Blinding Light of Faith described by Metal Hammer Magazine as “a British Death Metal milestone”. At this point the band fully realised the sound that would come to define them, a razor sharp form of old school death metal in the vein of Pestilence, Atheist and mid-era Death - unorthodox and technical yet at the same time uncompromisingly riff driven. The Blinding Light of Faith would also mark the start of the band's partnership with Transcending Obscurity Records, one of the most proactive independent metal record labels in the industry today.

De Profundis has always been a live band first and foremost and its onstage resume is testament of that. To date the band has played in 27 countries, from their native Britain all the way to India, where they would open for none other than the legendary Iron Maiden in 2009. Since then the band has toured and shared stages with Terrorizer, Deicide, Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Rotting Christ, Belphegor, I Am Morbid and Necrophagia to name just a few.

Despite it's production and release being plagued by the global misfortunes of the early 2020s, De Profundis fought on and released their latest album The Corruption of Virtue in 2022 to critical acclaim. Since then they have been making up for lost time, bringing the album to the stage at festivals such as Transcending Obscurity Festival in Prague, CZ and Incineration Festival in London, UK. Meanwhile, work on the 7th De Profundis album is well underway…

Press Clippings 'The Corruption of Virtue'
- The Corruption of Virtue is a great death metal record, and that you should probably skip the review and just go buy it outright. Angry Metal Guy  4/5

- "already my pick for best death metal album of 2022" - The Sleeping Shaman (UK)

- "one of the best death metal albums of 2022" - The Razor's Edge (UK)

- "the band’s best record to date and a must buy" - Wormwood Chronicles (US) 5/5

- "it stands in the highest echelon" - NO CLEAN SINGING (US)

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